To use HR-CRM in you need:

  • aJava SE 6.0
  • aJDBS Driver for your database
  • aJBoss 4.2.2.GA or higher application server


To install HR-CRM:

  • download a distribution of HR-CRM
  • if you downloaded the binary distribution, unpack it
  • Create business objects.
    • IMPORTANT: Business objects have to be named following the convention:
    • Name
    • Party
    • Address
  • Implement adaptor interfaces.
  • file, see the example
  • Package your files into a jar file
  • Deploy the hrcrm-ear-version .ear and your jar to the application server


If you are using HR-CRM for the first time, read the Tutorial.


To see how to customize the HR-CRM application, see the provided example