The HR-CRM application provides easy and secure way for interaction with any kind of legacy databases through web services. We use the OASIS CIQ standard and build a secure web services upon.
User of this application have to define domain objects and write adaptors to transform the OASIS CIQ objects to defined domain. HR-CRM is divide in five sub projects, one of them have to be provided from the user.

  • Configuration API:
    Contains all public interfaces. The user have to implement the adaptor interfaces.
  • Configuration Impl:
    Should be provided from the user. Contains contains domain objects and adaptors implementation. See the provided tutorial
  • Service Core:
    Contains the application logic. DAO layer implementation for hitting the database. Business logic layer is exposed via JMX.
  • SOAP Adaptor:
    Contains WSDL endpoint mappings. SOAP proxy, request are unmarshaled and delegated to business logic layer.
  • Documents Generator:
    Contains the implementation for generating exel and pdf files. Web application, generation of the reporting services is triggered by typing an URL.

Application Architecture